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Holiday Decor

Wanting to celebrate Christmas in July,or is it the time to bring down all those decorations? Need extra help? But don't want to tie up your design staff ? Call the Gypsy florist, let him transform your shop into a spectacular Christmas showroom while your staff takes care of every day orders. 



Hire the Gypsy Florist to help with weddings, events large and small, every day orders, Mother's Day, Valentine's day, prom,graduation, and funerals so that you can concentrate on the every day happenings of the shop. The Gypsy Florist is an accredited member of AIFD with 30 yrs design Experience.

30 years experience


Whether you have a large shop or a small shop, let the Gypsy Florist act as your manager while you are away on Vacation. Enjoy time away without having to close the store. Send and email for a price quote